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The Story of the 4 Thieves

There are many stories about where the blend of oils called ‘The Four Thieves’ originated. Most stories tell of four brothers living in France a long time ago, in the 15th Century.
These brothers had come from a family of herbalist (people who used plants for medicine). For many generations, their family had worked with kings and queens. At one time they had been a wealthy family.
However, by the time the four brothers were born their family had become very, very poor. They became thieves, stealing money, jewelry and food to survive. Eventually they were caught. . .
As punishment for stealing, the four brothers had to bury all of the dead in their town. No one expected that the brothers would survive this punishment. However, because the brothers came from a family of herbalist, they were able to put together a blend of oils that they knew could protect them.
They bathed in it everyday. To everyone’s surprise the brother’s did not get sick. They became famous all over the country because they were able to bury all of the dead in their town and throughout the country, while still staying healthy.
Their fame finally reached the king of France. He asked to meet with the brothers. He wanted their secret. The brothers could have refused. They could have demanded gold in exchange, but they were tired of seeing people suffer.
They happily gave the king their secret. The king was so touched by their generosity that he gave them their freedom and millions in gold. The king then told his country about the wonderful ‘Four Thieves Blend’.
Soon the country began to heal. The plague had ended. People were no longer sick or scared. The four brothers lived a happy life with many children and grandchildren. To this day, people still use their recipe to keep illness away.

The End

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