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What are the ingredients in your handcrafted artisan soaps?

Not all handmade soaps are alike. The skill and expertise of the soapmaker and her knowledge of core quality ingredients; the freshness and caliber of the ingredients and how they contribute to the final product are essential to creation of a great bar of soap.

At Earth Maiden, we choose each of our oils for the qualities they contribute to the final soap bar. We begin with a base of first cold pressing extra virgin organic olive oil to condition the skin. RSPO sustainable organic palm and palm kernel oils and certified organic coconut oils contribute superb, fluffy lather, excellent cleaning qualities and make for a longer lasting bar in our South Carolina humidity. Our palm oil is from sustainable sources  a good alternative to animal tallow in our all vegetable soaps. We also add shea butter which is gentle and creamy for added moisture and skin nourishment, and castor bean oil, a humectant, which contributes to lather and skin conditioning. 

To this base, we often add other specialty oils, sweet almond, golden jojoba, apricot kernel, meadowfoam, neem or wheat germ oil or herb infused oils and butters such as mango or cocoa butter for their beneficial properties for the skin. Each oil or butter adds unique skin benefits and are certified organic if we can procure them. We are proud of our soaps and of our quality ingredients, so every soap label provides a complete listing of the ingredients. We want you to know exactly what you are putting on your skin.

Many of our scented soaps use pure essential oils. In certain instances, quality fragrance oils are used. This usually occurs when the natural essential oil is prohibitively expensive, would cause continued depletion of natural resources, in the case of sandalwood, or the scent cannot be easily expressed from nature, such as cucumber. We use no preservatives, chemicals or synthetic colorants in our products. There are no phthalates or parabens in our products. All of our soaps contain either certified organic ground oats or several soaps contain rice bran for exfoliation, and natural plant materials ( fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, juices, pulp to gently soothe, condition and exfoliate the skin.

 We have been making quality soaps since 2001. You will feel and see the difference!

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