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Wholesale and Private Label

Are you interested in offering Earth Maiden products in your retail venue? We are happy to establish accounts with retailers and distributors.

Please e-mail us and provide us with some basic information about your business (who you are, where you are located and your resale tax ID number). It is helpful for us to also have information about your anticipated needs (i.e. products requested, volume and anticipated ordering frequency).

Wholesale Request

We will review your information and can then offer you wholesale pricing. Please note that we do not have a wholesale catalog. We will quote you wholesale pricing on specific products you wish to order. Thank you for your interest!

7 Days a Week - 7 Reasons to buy Earth Maiden

  1. No synthetic preservatives and harsh chemicals to irritate your skin. We use rosemary oleoresin extract, an oil soluble antioxidant to inhibit oxidation of our oils.

  2. Natural vegetable oils and other plant-based, food-grade ingredients make up our proprietary blends. We never use animal tallow or by-products. We superfat all of our soaps to make them more moisturizing. Many of the ingredients used in our soaps and lotions are certified organic. 

  3. Non-comedogenic (not tending to clog pores [as by the formation of blackheads] ) Our proprietary recipes and skin pampering ingredients produce a soap that is sought-after as a skin care product.

  4. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable because we do not use petroleum based products, chemicals like parabens or mineral oil.

  5. More moisturizers and humectants than commercial soap because our processing methods retain the natural glycerin present in our soap!

  6. Many of our soaps contain essential oil blends that offer aromatherapy benefits.           

  7. Through your support of our small, environmentally friendly business, we can continue to buy from other small and environmentally friendly organic farmers and co-ops.

 We hope you enjoy our soaps as much as we enjoy making them!




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